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Who joined meeting late and who left early? - Microsoft Teams

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

During our face to face meetings, we can track the late comers and early leavers of the meeting.

Quite embarrassing for someone to enter late right? I have done that a lot ☺️ Also, if you are the meeting host and a member leaves early, it gets you thinking "Am I boring?" Have you been in such a situation? Let me know 😏

I received a request from a client to find these elements out from Teams meeting. If you are a organiser of the meeting, you ca download the log one your meeting is over. comes the catch...

Internet is not always friendly, right? It can kick you out of a meeting or just at the moment when you want to make that important ad impressive point! So, if you see the log, you will find that your attendees have popped in and out multiple times. Maybe due to connectivity issues or because they are bored..

So, the challenge was to find out who attended the meeting 10 minutes late? How long did they attend for? What is the % of duration attended and highlight the attendees who are late comers.

So, I got my thinking hat on and got thinking. After a few hours, came up with a simple an easy way! and went like...THIS IS BANANNAS!! its SO SIMPLE! Why did it take me so long to come up with it! LOL!

The solution is that, you just click on a button and...voila! Its all there!

Check out the video. You can also download the file from our resources section.

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