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Missing Corporate Files? Not anymore with this FILE TRACKER! - Excel!

I am sure you must be having this issue at work where the files go missing and you end up spending HOURS looking for that ONE FILE!

Very frustrating right?

Well, here we have come to you with a quick and easy solution using only your mobile and Excel!

Simply scan the QR code and get the details auto updated in excel from sender and receiver. Its as simple as that! 

Two steps and you will NEVER have to look for files again!

Step 1 - Sender scans the QR code from mobile camera. Sender name, date, time is auto captured in excel. 

Step 2 - Receiver scans the QR code. Receiver name, date and time is auto captured in excel.

Woila! You have your file tracker all set and ready!!! 

Let me know what you think about this and if you have a better solution! 

You can use the QR code in so many different ways!

Check out the video on how it works and let us know your feedback!

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