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Input box on click of dropdown and update cells - EXCEL

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

To be honest, I really struggled with this!

I had to display an input box in Excel when user selects a specific value AND update another cell with the current values stored AND replace the cells with values entered by the user.

Confused? Well, so was I when this requirement was received!

Check out this video for how this can be achieved.

Basically, when user selects "Rescheduled" from the dropdown, we need to capture the existing dates in "Remarks" column and replace the existing dates with the new values entered by user in input box.

I have used VBA code to get this done.

BUT the result is AMAZING right? It acts like an auto-recorder to check when was the initial date. From which date it has been rescheduled from.

I hope you enjoyed the solution and it has helped you. Let me know your feedback by leaving your comment in the video above.

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